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About Us

Cocktails with Experience

In The Mix was founded by Robyn Sutherland. She began her journey in the service industry in 2008 at a small local breakfast restaurant in Toronto, Daddyo's. In 2021, she decided to transition her skills from restaurants to events. Robyn would like to bring her passion for mixology to your wedding, your home, your backyard, or wherever you are or whatever event you're hosting. In The Mix will be there to ensure it runs smoothly.

Bar Services for Your Event

In The Mix offers a range of services including:

  • Hosted bar service
  • Cash, ticket, or open bar service
  • Specially Crafted Cocktail menu
  • Bar setup and clean up
  • Please contact us for further details about your event so we may tailor our services accordingly.

    Event Extras and Add-ons

    We provide all of the non-alcoholic beverages, mixes, glassware, curated seasonal non-alcoholic/alcoholic cocktail menu, and bar for an additional charge. Please contact us for details.

    Signature Cocktails

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    Contact Us

    Send me a message about your upcoming event. Do you need help with permits? Can we design a customized menu for you? Let me know, and I will get back to you soon.

    In The Mix